Shoe-Bar Stratton - Chapter 34
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In that instant of supreme1 horror, Mary Thorne found time to be thankful that terror struck her momentarily dumb. For now, with lips parted and a cry of warning trembling there, she saw that it was too late. Like a pointer freezing to the scent2, Lynch's whole body had stiffened3; one hand gripped the leveled Colt, a finger caressed4 the trigger. At this juncture5 a cry would almost surely bring that tiny, muscular contraction6 which might be fatal.
From behind the ledge7 Buck8's hat had disappeared, and a faint creak of saddle-leather told the girl that he had dismounted and by so doing must have moved a trifle out of range.
Sick with horror and desperation, the girl's eye fell upon a stone lying at her feet--a jagged piece of granite9 perhaps twice the size of a baseball. In a flash she dropped the bridle10-reins and, bending, caught it up stealthily. Freckles11 pricked12 his ears forward, but with a fleeting13, imploring14 touch of one hand against his sweaty neck, Mary steadied herself for a moment, slowly drew back her arm, and, with a fervent15, silent prayer for strength, she hurled16 the stone.
It grazed Lynch's face and struck his wrist with a force that jerked up the barrel of the revolver. The spurt17 of flame, the sharp crack of the shot, the clatter18 of the Colt striking the edge of the precipice19, all seemed to the girl to come simultaneously20. A belated second afterward21 Lynch's furious curses came to her. With dilated22 eyes she saw him snatch frantically24 at the sliding weapon, and as it toppled out of sight into the cañon barely an inch ahead of his clutching, striving fingers, she thrilled with sudden fierce joy.
"Curse you!" he frothed, springing up and rushing at her. "You--"
"Buck!" she screamed. "Quick! His gun's gone! He--"
A blow from his fist struck her mouth and flung her backward against the horse. Half fainting, she saw Freckles lunge over her shoulder and heard the vicious click of his teeth snapping together. But Lynch, ducking out of reach of the angry horse, caught Mary about the waist and dragged her toward the precipice.
Involuntarily she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, stirred by the curious silence and the sudden cessation of all movement, she found herself staring dazedly26 into the face of Buck Green.
He stood very quietly just inside the narrow entrance to the ledge, not more than ten feet from her. In one hand was a six-shooter; the other hung straight at his side, the fingers tightly clenched27. As he met her bewildered glance, his eyes softened28 tenderly and the corners of his lips curved in a momentary29, reassuring30 smile. Then abruptly31 his face froze again.
"Yuh take another step an' down she'll go," said a hoarse32 voice close to the girl's ear.
It was Lynch; and Mary, her senses clearing, knew whose hands gripped her so tightly that she could scarcely breathe. Glancing sidewise, she hastily averted33 her eyes. She was standing34 within six inches of the edge of the precipice. For the first time she could look down into those sheer depths, and even that hurried glimpse made her shiver.
"Well, I admit you've got the bulge35 on me, as it were." Buck's voice suddenly broke the silence. "Still, I don't see how you're going to get out of this hole. You can't stand like this forever."
Mary stared at him, amazed at his cool, drawling, matter-of-fact tone. She was still more puzzled to note that he seemed to be juggling36 with his revolver in a manner which seemed, to say the least, extraordinarily37 careless.
"I can stand here till I get tired," retorted Lynch. "After that-- Well, I'd as soon end up down there as get a bullet through my ribs38. One thing, I wouldn't go alone."
"Suppose I offered to let you go free if you give up Miss Thorne?" Stratton asked with sudden earnestness.
"Offer? Hell! Yuh can't fool me with that kind of talk. Not unless yuh hand over yore gun, that is. Do that, an' I might consider the proposition--not otherwise."
Buck hesitated, his eyes flashing from the weapon he whirled so carelessly between his fingers to Lynch, whose eyes regarded him intently over the girl's shoulder.
"That would be putting an awful lot of trust in you," he commented. "Once you had the gun, what's to prevent you from drilling me--Oh, damn!"
He made a sudden, ineffectual grab at the gun, which had slipped from his fingers, and missed. As the weapon clattered39 against the rocks, Lynch's covetous40 glance followed it involuntarily. What happened next was a bewildering whirl of violent, unexpected action.
To Mary it seemed as if Buck cleared the space between them in a single amazing leap. He landed with one foot slipping on the ragged25 edge of the precipice, and apparently41 threw his whole weight sidewise against Lynch and the girl he held. Just how it happened she did not know, but in another moment Mary found herself freed from those hateful, gripping hands and flung back against her horse, while at her feet the two men grappled savagely43.
Over and over on the narrow confines of the sloping ledge they struggled fiercely, heaving, panting, with muscles cracking, each seemingly possessed44 with a grim determination to thrust the other into the abyss. Now Buck was uppermost; again Lynch, by some clever trick, tore himself from Stratton's hold to gain a momentary advantage.
Like one meshed45 in the thralls46 of some hateful nightmare, the girl crouched47 against her horse, her face so still and white and ghastly that it might well have been some clever sculptor's bizarre conception of "Horror" done in marble. Only her eyes seemed to live. Wide, dilated, glittering with an unnatural48 light, they shifted constantly, following the progress of those two writhing49 bodies.
Once, when Lynch's horse snorted and moved uneasily, she caught his bridle and quieted him with a soothing50 word, her voice so choked and hoarse that she scarcely knew it. Again, as the men rolled toward the outer side of the ledge and seemed for a moment almost to overhang the precipice, she gave a smothered51 cry and darted52 forward, moved by some wild impulse to fling her puny53 strength into the scale against the outlaw54.
But with a heave of his big body, Buck saved himself as he had done more than once before, and the struggle was resumed. Back and forth55 they fought, over and over around that narrow space, until Mary was filled with the dazed feeling that it had been going on for ever, that it would never end.
But not for an instant did she cease to follow every tiny variation of the fray56, and of a sudden she gave another cry. Gripped in a fierce embrace, the two men rolled toward the entrance to the ledge, and all at once Mary saw one of Lynch's hands close over and instantly seize the revolver Buck had dropped there.
Instantly she darted forward and tried to wrest57 it from his grasp. Finding his strength too great, she straightened swiftly and lifting one foot, brought her riding boot down fiercely with all her strength on Lynch's hand. With a smothered grunt58 his fingers laxed, and she caught up the weapon and stepped quickly back, wondering, if Lynch came uppermost, whether she would dare to try to shoot him.
No scruples59 now deterred60 her. These had vanished utterly61, and with them fear, nervousness, fatigue62, and every thought of self. For the moment she was like the primitive63 savage42, willing to do anything on earth to save--her man! But so closely were the two men entwined that she was afraid if she shot at Lynch the bullet might injure Buck.
Once more the fight veered64 close to the precipice. Lynch was again uppermost; and, whether by his greater strength, or from some injury Buck had sustained against the rocks, the girl was seized by a horrible conviction that he had the upper hand. Knees gripping Stratton about the body, hands circling his throat, Lynch, apparently oblivious65 to the blows rained on his chest and neck, was slowly but surely forcing his opponent over the ragged margin66 of the ledge. It was at this instant that the frantic23 girl discovered that her weapon had suffered some damage when it fell and was quite useless.
Already Buck's head overhung the precipice, his face a dark, strangled red. Flinging the revolver from her, Mary rushed forward and began to beat Lynch wildly with her small, clenched fists.
But she might as effectually have tried to move a rooted tree, and with a strangled cry, she wound her fingers in his coarse black hair and strove with all her strength to drag Lynch back.


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adv. 野蠻地,殘酷地
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  • He snarled savagely at her. 他向她狂吼起來。
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45 meshed 105a3132403c3f8cb6e888bb4f2c2019     
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46 thralls 7f8295383bcf33e2fa8b8e809a62fded     
n.奴隸( thrall的名詞復數 );奴役;奴隸制;奴隸般受支配的人
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  • He forced his thralls into hard labour. 他逼迫他的奴隸們干苦役。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
47 crouched 62634c7e8c15b8a61068e36aaed563ab     
v.屈膝,蹲伏( crouch的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • He crouched down beside her. 他在她的旁邊蹲了下來。
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48 unnatural 5f2zAc     
  • Did her behaviour seem unnatural in any way?她有任何反常表現嗎?
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49 writhing 8e4d2653b7af038722d3f7503ad7849c     
(因極度痛苦而)扭動或翻滾( writhe的現在分詞 )
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  • He was writhing on the ground in agony. 他痛苦地在地上打滾。
50 soothing soothing     
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54 outlaw 1J0xG     
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  • The wind moved the trees gently back and forth.風吹得樹輕輕地來回搖晃。
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56 fray NfDzp     
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57 wrest 1fdwD     
  • The officer managed to wrest the gun from his grasp.警官最終把槍從他手中奪走了。
  • You wrest my words out of their real meaning.你曲解了我話里的真正含義。
58 grunt eeazI     
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  • I ask him what he think,but he just grunt.我問他在想什麼,他只哼了一聲。
59 scruples 14d2b6347f5953bad0a0c5eebf78068a     
n.良心上的不安( scruple的名詞復數 );顧慮,顧忌v.感到于心不安,有顧忌( scruple的第三人稱單數 )
  • I overcame my moral scruples. 我拋開了道德方面的顧慮。
  • I'm not ashamed of my scruples about your family. They were natural. 我并未因為對你家人的顧慮而感到羞恥。這種感覺是自然而然的。 來自瘋狂英語突破英語語調
60 deterred 6509d0c471f59ae1f99439f51e8ea52d     
v.阻止,制止( deter的過去式和過去分詞 )
  • I told him I wasn't interested, but he wasn't deterred. 我已告訴他我不感興趣,可他卻不罷休。
  • Jeremy was not deterred by this criticism. 杰里米沒有因這一批評而卻步。 來自辭典例句
61 utterly ZfpzM1     
  • Utterly devoted to the people,he gave his life in saving his patients.他忠于人民,把畢生精力用于挽救患者的生命。
  • I was utterly ravished by the way she smiled.她的微笑使我完全陶醉了。
62 fatigue PhVzV     
  • The old lady can't bear the fatigue of a long journey.這位老婦人不能忍受長途旅行的疲勞。
  • I have got over my weakness and fatigue.我已從虛弱和疲勞中恢復過來了。
63 primitive vSwz0     
  • It is a primitive instinct to flee a place of danger.逃離危險的地方是一種原始本能。
  • His book describes the march of the civilization of a primitive society.他的著作描述了一個原始社會的開化過程。
64 veered 941849b60caa30f716cec7da35f9176d     
v.(尤指交通工具)改變方向或路線( veer的過去式和過去分詞 );(指談話內容、人的行為或觀點)突然改變;(指風) (在北半球按順時針方向、在南半球按逆時針方向)逐漸轉向;風向順時針轉
  • The bus veered onto the wrong side of the road. 公共汽車突然駛入了逆行道。
  • The truck veered off the road and crashed into a tree. 卡車突然駛離公路撞上了一棵樹。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
65 oblivious Y0Byc     
  • Mother has become quite oblivious after the illness.這次病后,媽媽變得特別健忘。
  • He was quite oblivious of the danger.他完全沒有察覺到危險。
66 margin 67Mzp     
  • We allowed a margin of 20 minutes in catching the train.我們有20分鐘的余地趕火車。
  • The village is situated at the margin of a forest.村子位于森林的邊緣。
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